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ISSN : 1229-6783(Print)
ISSN : 2288-1484(Online)
Journal of the Korea Safety Management & Science Vol.17 No.3 pp.247-263

The Effects of Emotional Labor and Moderating Effect of Social Support and Job Autonomy on Retailing services employee's

Guijeong Ji*·Jiyoung Park**·Chesoong Kim*
*Department of Business Administration, Sangji University
**Clinical Research for Rehabilitation, National Rehabilitation Center
Corresponding Author : Chesoong Kim, Business Administration, SANGJI UNIVERSITY, Wonju, Korea, E-mail:


This study seeks to identify effects derived from emotional labor in the distribution industry, and draw ways to systematically manage the employees by exploring effects of the emotion work on performance. For the purpose, literature reviews and empirical experiments were conducted to find out effects of emotional labor and false face acting on emotion work and organizational performance and effects of social support and job autonomy on the relationship between emotion work and organizational performance. To verify the hypothesis, we conducted a hierarchical regression analysis and structural equation model analysis using SPSS 20 and AMOS19.
The result of the verification in this study is as follows:
First, effects of emotional labor on burnout was found to be statistically significant, second, as for the path-coefficient for “emotional labor→emotion work” and “emotional labor → job satisfaction” was not statistically significant, while the path-coefficient for “emotional labor → service level” was found to be statistically significant. Third, effects of emotion work on job satisfaction was found statistically significant, fourth, emotion work on the service level was found statistically significant, fifth, effects of false face acting on emotion work was found statistically significant, sixth, effects of false face acting on burnout was statistically significant, seventh, moderating were found statistically significant and lastly, moderating effects of the relationship between emotion work from job autonomy and organization performance was not verified in job satisfaction, while emotion work, job autonomy, and interaction variable in service level were statistically significant.

유통업 종사자의 감정노동 영향과 사회적 지원 및 직무자율성의 조절효과

지 귀 정*·박 지 영**·김 제 숭*
*상지대학교 경영학과
**국립재활원 재활연구소





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